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April 2012

Welcome to the internet home page for the EidsCock Beach House. The EidsCock Beach House was established in 2008 and since that time has been a gathering place for numerous Eidsvoogs, Heacocks, Martins and many other odd characters. This site attempts to organize these gatherings in an orderly fashion. This site, in no way, attempts to organize any other portion of the lives of these Eidsvoogs, Heacocks, and Martins. We all know that no mere web site could do this...well except maybe Facebook. On this site you will be able to browse various calendars and attempt to reserve space at the EidsCock Beach House. In order to reserve this space you will need to send an e-mail to the webmaster. The webmaster's e-mail addresss is posted below. The webmaster will attempt to reserve space as requested. At no time should the user of these web pages assume the webmaster has any power, responsibility, or interest in the user's ability (or inability) to use a computer. If the user becomes frustrated with using this site then simply write your complaints on a new Apple iPad and send this iPad along with a self addressed, stamped envelop to the webmaster. This site's logo is a trademark of EidsCock Industries, Incorporated and can not be copied, distributed, or sold without the written consent of the webmaster...unless you really, really want to...then it's okay.

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